by Sentiments

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released March 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Sentiments San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Insomnia
I've spent these restless nights thinking about you. Thinking of all we've done and everything that we could do. But it seems in the end, you're just too stupid to realize anything and everything that you did. I hope you sleep well, I sure as hell do. I've got a couple things in mind I'd like to do to you. There is a god, there has to be. Cause I've seen the devil and he's buried beneath me. I'll let him out, and I'll let my evil win. I'm never writing a song about you again. You're not worth it, and you never were. Not worth my time, not worth another restless night. You are replaceable. All this time I thought we had something good. I thought we had something worth keeping. I thought you were something worth keeping. I guess I was wrong about everything, about all of this. I guess I'm just as stupid as you are for falling for you again, and again, and again, and again. Wake me up, break me down, it's all you ever did, and I'm done, I promise you. This is your last song. You're all worthless.
Track Name: Drones
Five years of torment for nothing. I tried to save myself from the heartache you brought me. It was already too late. You are a backstabber, liar, and a thief. You're a body of lies, so don't come crying to me when you want your truth to be heard. Because I'm not gonna listen. No, I'm not gonna listen. So hold your breath and drown in all the heartache you caused me. I don't think you realize how much you had me. I would do anything for you, and you used me. It is so hard to let you go. I will miss you, and I need you to know how much this hurt. No, I'm not gonna listen. I can't help myself. Jump to conclusions, my mouth is shut. I can't say a word, what a mess it's become. My conscience is speaking louder than words. She's just a picture I can't seem to burn. Why can't I forget you and move on. It's just a matter of time when I'll start getting over you. It's everyday, I don't believe in you. If this continues, I'll lose all my trust. I'm done thinking what could of been us.
Track Name: Mourners
For as long as my heart is beating, these memories are worth repeating. And I know all we want is to be remembered, but that's not how these tragedies always play out in the end. For all we know, you're rotting face down, biting on the ground. The ground that was once your friend, holding you up over and over again. But how much longer will the ground bare the burden of the dead? This ground, baring the burden of the dead. This ground, baring the burden of broken dreams, hopeless things, never ending unsatisfactory. This is not my life, we're meant for more than this. And all of these memories are buried deep beneath me. I will make sure that all of you are to never be forgotten. Remember me? I'm the picture up on your wall. Remember the nights we spent, and hang on to them all. Because life is a moving train. When all is left in the world to live for, the only darkness in the tunnel is pain. My friend, life will not wait for you. Live it up, you've got places to go, you've got things to do. You never know what could happen next, you never know when your last damn second will be. So count your blessings and live your life well, so you never question your existence.
Track Name: Dystopia
This is my motivation to rise up to my inspiration, to overcome all I've become. And I won't let this go, I need everyone to know. Selfish and impure is that what you think I aim for? Well I can reassure that I am who I am. And I think that, God is the cure religion's the disease I'm just as pure as the ones who believe. Society is full of people believing in "black-box evil," And I'm not one of them. Does that mean that I've sinned? No. I believe in the holy spirit don't get me wrong, I'm just looking through the puzzle and the pieces don't belong. I don't see how one could base their life off of a holy book, it's the ignorance in society that we overlook. Ignorance. Lack of selflessness. Know your power, and let the confidence that you have in yourself set you free. Know your patience. And you won't be hearing this coming from a bastard like me. You wont be hearing this coming from a bastard like... Coming from a man like me. Take a step back and look at the world, Look how our world is dying. Take a step back and listen to your heart, and you'll hear your conscience crying. Break my bones apart, tear me from limb to limb, And I won't give in. Break these chains from the heart, from the heart,cause that's where it kills me. All we want is peace. All we want is freedom. All we want is peace. All we want is peace.
Track Name: City 17
Connect the pieces, to leave you stranded. Life is but a maze, staring back at you, watching your every move. And I'll go at it for days, trying to understand how all the things I assumed were wrong. Fighting it is worthless, life will leave you stranded. We are all lost, baring our fears on our back and our thoughts behind us. Remain stuck in the past, because we're too afraid to carry on. Overlook what life has to offer, watching in as it passes you by. When will we foresee the ending? The blood in the water, the black in the sky. No, what will we do? Where will we stand? When the world comes crashing down. Fighting it is worthless, I promise you. Life will leave you stranded, so don't come running back, there's nothing left for you to gain. You're swimming in a world of rain, drowning in deeper and deeper.
Nothing left for you to gain, welcome to City 17.
Track Name: Neglect
So I guess I never meant a thing, but that's okay cause time heals everything right? With that in mind I'll give this ring to someone who is more deserving, of the feeling you gave me that I never knew. The pages are missing, tell me what did I do? What the hell did I do? To push me further away from you. She's coming back, to lay beside me. She's coming back, these memories will haunt me. No, she's never coming back. I cannot fill this black hole that forever haunts me. I have lost the track of time. I think I've lost my mind. You're the only one that makes me happy. I've lost the track of time, I'm three words away from losing my mind. Don't make me become the man that I feared I would never become. I'm picking up the pieces of the past, to remember how I made it before you came along. Before you ruined my life. So I guess I never meant a thing, but that's okay cause time heals everything right? With that in mind I'll give this ring to someone who is more deserving, of the love that you never gave me. I'm getting stronger with every step that I take, that moves me away from you. I'm becoming capable of overcoming the things that I never knew I could do. Thanks to you.